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WOW #07

Full of interests and talents, curious and capable. Kmows how to organise her life in an indipendent way. Frizzy and generous loves to be adbmired. Express your personality with long lasting lipstick WOW™ Professional Liquid lipstick and make the Perfect Match!


She is bright and easy-going and she is able to attract immediately sympathies on her. Free from formalism, she is creative and fizzy, she is able to feel comfortable in every situations.

Full of interests and talent, she is always trendy and updated … She wants to be totally independent!

She’s able to organize her life on her own, dedicating just short time to the pragmatic issue she doesn’t feel engaged with.

Her energy and passion are completely dedicated to culture, travels, smart friendships and to social activities in which she feel totally satisfied.

She is tolerant and not jealous: a man immediately feels understood and can tell her everything without fear of being judged.

It’s rare for her to live a total passion: she loves completely only when she can share with her partner her lifestyle and interests.

Her feelings are real and deep, but well dominated.

She is rebel and she never accept prevarication. If this happen, she will immediately fight for her freedom back.

Match WOW Professional lipstick with your outfit, your nails to be a WOW woman!

WOW Professional Liquid lipstick is the first long-lasting lipstick that does not dry lips! You don’t need a primer, you don’t need a lip liner!

Comfort and perfection guaranteed all day long! The Perfect Match is the new Trend! Life is now? Life is WOW!

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