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WOW #11

Seductive, esuberant, has a propension to attract those near her with her fizzy nature and joy of living. Express your personality with long lasting lipstick WOW™ Professional Liquid lipstick and make the Perfect Match!


A woman of action, energetic and with a strong-willing that defines her own femminile codes.

Seductive, exuberant, she has a natural attitude to attract all the people who get in touch with thanks to her joy of life and enthusiasm.

She is brave and resourceful, and she will never take no as an answer.
Often she is a businesswoman, with strong managerial skills, or she can be creative and free to follow with passion her inspirations and ideas.

Even in relationships, she’s determined and if she likes someone, she will conquer him.

Her nature of being a dominatrix allow her to convey positive emotions and security and can address her to stay close with people than count a lot on her but without being truly satisfied.

She has a fighting spirit and she never go back in front of difficulties, instead she goes on in every kind of competition. She always hide her bruises.

Match WOW Professional lipstick with your outfit, your nails to be a WOW woman!

WOW Professional Liquid lipstick is the first long-lasting lipstick that does not dry lips! You don’t need a primer, you don’t need a lip liner!

Comfort and perfection guaranteed all day long! The Perfect Match is the new Trend! Life is now? Life is WOW!

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