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WOW #19

Very sweet woman, fragile, defenceless that comes natural lo offer her support and protection, or simply solve for her those little problems that often look too big to her. Express your personality with long lasting lipstick WOW™ Professional Liquid lipstick and make the Perfect Match!


Sweet, fragile, defenseless, it seems natural try to help her and offer her support.

She is mysterious and difficult to define, but following her instinct and thanks to her secret wise she is able to reach goals that for other people require a lot of sacrifices.

Sometimes she is easy to influence and can risk to give empathy or trust to the wrong people.

She is not aware of her needs and will always try to satisfy others first, instead of herself. She need not to be involved in too many things and risks to have no time left for herself and her priorities.

But she is a concrete woman too, who seeks for economic stability and her sense of beauty often bring her to have a lot of desires to satisfy.

Match WOW Professional lipstick with your outfit, your nails to be a WOW woman!

WOW Professional Liquid lipstick is the first long-lasting lipstick that does not dry lips! You don’t need a primer, you don’t need a lip liner!

Comfort and perfection guaranteed all day long! The Perfect Match is the new Trend! Life is now? Life is WOW!

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