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WOW #23

Has an incredible capacity to fill her life, and the ones of others, with enthusiasm, renovated with her large range of hobbies and stimolant situations. Express your personality with long lasting lipstick WOW™ Professional Liquid lipstick and make the Perfect Match!


She has an incredible attitude to fill her life and the life of the people surrounding her with enthusiasm and with a lot of interests and activities.

It’s difficult seeing her depressed or negative: she is a woman that lives concretely. Full of activities, and passions, she loves to be involved in a lot of things.

Event planner by nature, but without tensions or formalism, she is essential and concise. All characteristics that help her at work and in private life.

Her femininity is free from excesses and frills and her look and imagine is sporty, active and casual.

In her work she is prefect and has incredibile abilities. Find, plan and manage every situation because of her need of control and her lack of trust in others.

She is often a talented-manager and can be really successful!

Match WOW Professional lipstick with your outfit, your nails to be a WOW woman!

WOW Professional Liquid lipstick is the first long-lasting lipstick that does not dry lips! You don’t need a primer, you don’t need a lip liner!

Comfort and perfection guaranteed all day long! The Perfect Match is the new Trend! Life is now? Life is WOW!

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